Daily Updates

Every day we get thousands of updates to our UK address data from the Royal Mail. These are available automatically to all customers using Postcode Anywhere, our UK address auto-fill and validation service.

Each working day we receive between 3,000 to 5,000 updates to PAF® - here’s how…

Includes Royal Mail British Forces Post Office (BFPO) data

Postcode Anywhere offers BFPO data as standard within its suite of address management tools - including the recently launched Capture+ client. British forces can now take advantage of address auto-fill driven websites by Postcode Anywhere. To fit the PAF® format as closely as possible, each BFPO number has been assigned a postcode and the PAF® post town field contains “BFPO”, to allow BFPO addresses to be easily included in address management products.

Updates run seamlessly in the background

As well as hassle-free daily updates to our UK address management service, we offer regular updates for our other services. The best thing is that once you’ve got the service up and running, we take care of any updates to the software and datasets. Updates run seamlessly in the background so your service is never interrupted. All users benefit without the hassle and disruption of running a fresh install.

Offering value-added data for over ten years

Postcode Anywhere has been offering value-added data services for over ten years. We now supply organisations from Disney, Pizza Hut, Severn Trent Water and Rolls Royce, to government organisations including the Learning and Skills Council, HM Revenue and Customs and the Identity and Passport Service.

Enjoy the same business benefits as the blue-chips

Because of our scalable pricing, you can enjoy the same businesses benefits, have the same regular updates and see the same return on investment as some of the most successful companies in the world.

Don't take our word for it...

We regularly hear from customers who have spared the time to put a friendly word our way. Here's one of the nicest quotes we've recently found in our inbox:

Great system, great admin tool, great response time and fantastic prompt service from you guys. - Bizflare.com

Case Study

Postcode Anywhere are very reliable, with a helpful support desk we rarely have to contact. It's an innovative company where someone always knows the answer to our questions and a service we can confidently take for granted.

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