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Women Read Online Reviews – Men Don’t, Postcode Anywhere Research Shows
05 October 2011

Women Read Online Reviews – Men Don’t, Postcode Anywhere Research ShowsWorcester, UK – 05 October 2011 – Women value other people’s opinions more highly than men and are “significantly more likely” to respond to customer reviews when shopping online, according to new research by ecommerce optimisation specialist Postcode Anywhere.

The survey of 1,000 UK consumers found 36% more women than men rated customer reviews as “very important” in their online shopping process. Equally, 22% more men than women classified customer reviews as “not important at all,” or “more unimportant than important.”

Postcode Anywhere’s sales and marketing director Phil Rothwell said: “The poll agrees with a number of recent studies implying men prefer to read product descriptions and specifications than pore over online reviews. It has also been suggested that men respond less well to interaction in the buying process and are less concerned about the overall experience than women.

“Any man who’s got hopelessly lost and still refused to ask for directions will suspect women are happier to seek the advice and help of others. It would appear the same behaviour applies online, where women are significantly more likely to see the importance of customer reviews.

“But why are men less keen on them?  Ultimately, it would seem men are less social when it comes to shopping. The survey suggests they’re less concerned with the overall experience, less likely to want interaction when buying goods, and more likely to want to buy the products straight away.

“The buying process is still incredibly important across the board, but typically men are more likely to want to get in there, buy the product, and get out again – as quickly as they can.”

The news follows last week’s report from Postcode Anywhere that concerns about security and frustration with time-consuming forms are the top two reasons for online shopping cart abandonment.

Postcode Anywhere’s managing director Guy Mucklow said: “As a supplier of rapid address auto-fill, we are a long-time advocate of making things simpler online. Whatever demographics you use to classify your customer base – and even using the broadest of brushstrokes by segmenting men and women – people will always want the easiest and least painful internet shopping experience possible.

“It’s the responsibility of the online retailers to make sure that for those who’ve made up their minds, they can log on and check out as quickly and efficiently as they can.”

When asked how they perceived online reviews, 106 men and 145 women out of the 1,000 polled said they were “very important.”

Postcode Anywhere provides a range of services to make ecommerce easier and more profitable, including rapid address auto-fill, payment validation, “where’s my nearest?” store finder services and demographic profiling.

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