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Postcode Anywhere Uses UK TomToms To Launch Superior Route Optimisation Service
14 September 2010

Postcode Anywhere's route optimisation uses TomTom Speed Profiles for real-world routes

Worcester, UK – 14 September 2010 – Locational data specialist Postcode Anywhere has unveiled a new routing service today, which plans faster routes for commercial fleets with real-world data collected by tens of thousands of customers driving with TomTom devices in the UK.

The service is the first of its kind to combine smart optimisation algorithms and vehicle height, weight and width data with Speed Profiles, the real-world statistical road congestion dataset.

Using Speed Profiles it can re-order journey waypoints according to historical traffic congestion information before putting them into an optimised order for faster and more fuel-efficient routes.

Postcode Anywhere’s lead developer for route optimisation, Richard Geary, said: “What’s most exciting about this new service is that it combines complex optimisation algorithms with real-life traffic information for more refined results than we’ve ever seen before.

“This innovation is not ‘out-of-the-box’ software. It requires integration into a company’s own systems, making it extremely customisable and therefore suitable for larger organisations and resellers, who want a service that works seamlessly with their client applications.

“The Speed Profiles data is collected by millions of TomTom customers across the world. More than two trillion community-contributed, anonymous GPS measurements have been taken to create and match roads against speed profiles. Using this data, waypoints can be re-ordered to give a ‘best-fit’ between road distance and achievable speed.

“The road statistics include average speeds across five minute intervals, on any day of the week. This is in contrast to traditional systems which use standardised estimates to calculate routes - and consequently ignore significant factors such as traffic lights, rush hour, and school runs.

“Because optimised routes are typically planned well in advance of the actual journey, this is the closest commercial fleet managers will get to ‘real-time’ optimisation, and should see more capably planned routes and noticeable savings in emissions.

“This is of course while still having all the benefits of being an online service, hosted by Postcode Anywhere - huge processing power for rapid calculations, automatic data updates every quarter, no costly upgrades, integrations for mobile devices, and the on-demand payment model.

“Quite simply, we believe this is the way forward for smarter commercial routing.”

Nhai Cao, Product Line Manager at TomTom, explains: “With congested roadways and ever-increasing travel times, users of mapping applications are seeking better ways to travel efficiently, minimize transportation costs and find the optimal routes to their destination. Speed Profiles helps commuters and business fleets do just that, easily integrating into navigation and transportation logistics systems.”

Postcode Anywhere provides a range of geographic services for business, including maps, government data and route planning software. The company recently launched the route optimisation website, aimed at parcel carriers, travelling salesmen and field engineers. More information on Postcode Anywhere’s new service can be found at


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