No Set-Up Fees

It takes just a few minutes to set up most Postcode Anywhere services on your website or PC. See our developer library for online support and code samples, and remember that you can always call us free on 0800 047 0493 during office hours.

All it takes is a few clicks or some lines of code

Wherever you want to install a Postcode Anywhere product - on your website, mobile device or bespoke software application, all it takes to set up is a few clicks or some lines of code. There are no messy and costly integrations and no consultants; most people can be up and running in under an hour.

No hidden upgrade charges

Because our service architecture is both backwards and forwards compatible, we won't charge you for upgrading or changing your operating system, software or hardware. As well as enjoying no set-up costs, you won't have to pay for service upgrades either. Any improvements we make to our platform are passed on to you seamlessly and free of charge.

Desktop wizard for internal use

For internal use, our desktop wizard can quickly and easily install PAF look-up across every desktop in your organisation’s network. A simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to integrate UK address data with any application - in fact it takes only seconds. You don’t have to stop there: you can even use the wizard to combine the service with your own custom software.

Free your IT staff and empower your users

By broadcasting and automatically installing the software across your entire computer network in a few seconds, you can liberate your IT staff and empower your users. You can integrate the service with any software application - within Excel, Access and custom applications in just a few clicks. You can even create and securely publish integration rules for use across specific departments.

Don't take our word for it...

We regularly hear from customers who have spared the time to put a friendly word our way. Here's one of the nicest quotes we've recently found in our inbox:

Less than two hours after signing up I've got the exact functionality I wanted integrated into my application. Your technical staff responded accurately and promptly to my small query and your online documentation is excellent. A thoroughly enjoyable experience dealing with you. - Sequential Systems

Case Study

Postcode Anywhere have been extremely responsive to our needs.

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