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The next generation of UK and International Address Finder

With its simple drag-and-drop set-up, improved search methods and enhanced address data sets, Capture+ is the next generation of international address finders. Featuring more intelligent and rapid searching to increase accuracy and relevancy. Simply start typing and instantly see the address search working as you type.

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Excellent! Super easy to implement, amazing support.



We’re re-launching our website at the end of the month and this looked fabulous!

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First impression is that it's quick and intuitive.


We think our new address capture client has some really great features - explore them for yourself by clicking on the images below and see what we have to offer.

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Overview of Capture+
Choose your favourite addresses

Your favourite addresses

Fed up of entering your address on every site you use? Now any site that uses Capture+ will remember your favourite addresses so you can enter them quicker. No more searching for the same addresses over and over again.

How does it work? Once you've searched for an address it will appear in your favourites list under the search box. Simply click the pin next to it and it will be available for use again and again. All you need to do is click it!

And you're not restricted to saving just one address. The system will remember up to 5 different addresses - perfect for home, work and more!

Address search as you type

Auto-complete as you type

Simply start typing a business name, an address or a postal code and Capture+ will search and make suggestions as you type. Results are automatically filtered as you go to help you type less and to guide your search. Once the address you want is listed just click on it to use it.

All search results are intelligently ranked, with the most likely and searched-for results appearing first. Searches and results also use alternative property and place names so everyone should find their address the way they want it.

If all this sounds complicated, don't worry! The address finder is designed to be totally intuitive, but people used to typing in a postcode and then picking a house number can still do so with Capture+.

Geo-location featured address finder

One-click address entry for mobile

Typing into a smartphone can be cumbersome. Capture+ geo-location technology allows uses to enter a nearby address - without having to type anything. If the accuracy is poor, Capture+ will still return the city, area, or street.

By simply clicking on the crosshairs icon, Capture+ will locate the device and find any nearby addresses. All the user has to do then is choose the right one.

Of course, normal searching will still be available to mobile users should they require a different address.

International address finder for worldwide data

Full international support

Capture+ will return custom country data and auto-formatting based on IP address so users can start searching for their address straight away.

Should a different country be required, the user can manually change the country by clicking the flag on the finder. It is then also possible to type a country name to filter down the list, rather than having to scroll the list of names. Alias names for countries are built in, so for example searching for England will bring up United Kingdom, or USA will bring up United States. Capture+ also supports the recently launched Royal Mail British Forces Post Office (BFPO) data set.

Capture+ also knows in which order address components appear for international formats and allows users to enter details accordingly. Note that address data resolution varies by country, with the most commonly used countries having full premise-level or street-level addresses.

Capture+ integrates with MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Sage and Magento

Capture+ where you need it

If you want to trial or install Capture+ technology, whether it's on a public-facing website or your favourite CRM platform, Postcode Anywhere can get you up and running in minutes. Capture+ has ready-made automatic address extensions and applications for Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce CRM, Sage CRM and Magento ecommerce - and we're continually adding to the list.

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