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Every expanding ecommerce business has to look at how it improves its customer journey and deploying Capture+ in our website was one part of this. It has helped us reduce certain resources such as carrier assessed address correction fees. Read more.

Tesco Direct

Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, selected PCA Predict’s smart international address validation technology, Capture+, in order to prevent inaccurate data from entering their customer database, and deliveries being dispatched to the wrong address. Read more.

Smart Pension

"The importance of a tool like Capture+ for a highly sensitive business like ours is three-fold. First, removing sign up friction is vital to ensuring we have the fastest possible customer journey, given the very large number of signups (over 1million) potentially coming in the next couple of years." Read more.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Since using PCA Predict’s smart addressing tool Capture+, Nescafe have seen a notable reduction in the level of failed postal deliveries brought about by the improved accuracy of address data. Read more.

First Mile

First Mile, London’s largest commercial recycling company, quadrupled the ROI of their field sales team by integrating PCA Predict’s address verification technology with their Salesforce CRM system. Read more.

Sky Insurance tackles fraudulent claims with PCA Predict

"It is important that we show our commitment to the prevention and detection of fraud to protect our customers and insurers and to keep our insurance premiums down, PCA Predict has been imperative to this process." Read more.

The Celtic Manor Resort

“The implementation of Capture+ allows our customers to complete the booking process in less time than ever before.” Read more.


glh is the largest owner-operator hotel company in London. After implementing PCA Predict’s Capture+ technology in their hotel booking systems, the hotelier firm noticed a considerable increase in conversion rates. Read more.

Tameside College

Address Validation has meant that so much time is saved in checking student address data that it has literally paid for itself. Read more.

Golden Giving

Golden Giving’s overall objective is to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ to charities and ‘not for profits’ to ensure that they can maximise from personal donations and corporate sponsorship. Read more.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat chose Capture+ for its online check-out on its new website. Following their implementation of Capture+, the company reported an increase in sales conversions and improved quality of its database. Read more.

Majestic Wine

Majestic Wine chose Capture+ for their eCommerce checkout. Capture+ saves customers time when going through the checkout and improves accuracy of addresses in the Majestic Wine database. Read more.


Using Capture+ for the online checkout address finder, Reiss say "We can see categorically that courier deliveries have gone up, and calls and basket abandonment has gone down." Read more.

The Fragrance Shop

The Fragrance Shop uses PCA Predict address validation to improve the payment process, and the store locator tool to drive customers to their physical stores. Read more.

Man City Football Club

Using address verification in Salesforce CRM, M.C.F.C says "as the provider of an essential call centre tool, PCA Predict is in a league of its own." Read more.


"The results speak for themselves - saving arvato 56% in processing times planned with potential savings of 65p per payment realised." Read more.

Rimmer Brothers

"I did take a good look at various options on the market, and PCA Predict was the obvious choice for me. It does what it says on the tin." Read more.

The Ramblers

"I suspect most charities will need this service a lot. Being able to manipulate records in this way – find out where people are, where they’re based, and to draw it all out visually – is proving invaluable for our regional work." Read more.

Wiggly Wigglers

Wiggly Wigglers find PCA Predict software for the desktop an essential business tool. "PCA Predict’s address data is fresh and accurate... the benefits are huge." Read more.

Woof! Wood Fuel

Address auto-fill stops failed deliveries from happening. Since using PCA Predict, we haven’t had a single wrong address or delivery failure from over 2,000 orders. Read more.


"PCA Predict is seamless, it’s easy to customise, and using the sample code it took a few seconds to be up and running. Once it was set up, all we’ve had to do is sit back and let you guys get on with it." Read more.

Adactus for Pizza Hut

When discussing customer needs, address verification and store locators are standard features you expect to see. We need to meet their needs in an affordable and reliable way – and we can’t afford to get it wrong. Read more.

Skills Funding Agency

PCA Predict was asked to provide functionality to enable users of the Learner Registration Service to generate a Unique Learner Number (ULN) with provision for securely recording personal data such as date of birth. Read more.

Career Academies UK

"With the advent of competition the travel sector is very much consumer-led. Automation and technological optimisation to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs is therefore crucial." Read more.

Dow Jones

"We needed to capture accurate address data for the effective deployment in Salesforce. With offices all over the world we needed the ability to populate addresses over a wide range of international territories and formats." Read more.

Signature Balloons

"We wanted to offer our customers a simple, speedy and efficient checkout process. One of our criteria was for our customers to not have to enter their full address. PCA Predict provided us with the best option for this" Read more.

Candis - Newhall Publications

"Before PCA Predict, the admin team would spend a minimum of ten hours per week correcting data manually. The consolidation of the two services has saved us £1,500 in licence fees, making a yearly saving of £9,600." Read more.

Coriolis Systems Limited

"We’re extremely pleased with the service. Previously we would have had to purchase a PAF from the Post Office, and then obtain similar data from other postal regions around the world, which would have been far too expensive." Read more.

England Hockey

PCA Predict's service makes life easier for administrators to enter address details quickly and accurately. "Once people start using PCA Predict they never want to go back." Read more.

Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal

By implementing Store Finder from PCA Predict, donors were able to click on the BBC's link to the Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal, key in their postcode and immediately be signposted to the shoe collection point to where they live. Read more.

Comic Relief 2007

"Comic Relief needed a way to add to thousands of fundraising events registered across the UK. "With the help of PCA Predict our fundraising event registration system took on a new lease of life. Brilliant results!" Read more.


"Capturing accurate addresses at the point of entry plays an important function as information for credit checks and finance agreements is highly sensitive and it's imperative that correspondence is delivered directly to the addressee." Read more.

OneBill Telecom (

"A totally automated business model that delivers an efficient online, user-friendly service is not easy, but when it works successfully, it’s glorious. Forgive the pun, but in my opinion is streets ahead of other data capture vendors." Read more.


ScooterMAN needed to locate customers quickly and calculate mileage to give customers a consistent quote at the point of enquiry. PCA Predict's solution really does integrate seamlessly. Read more.


Airlines, tour operators and travel agents are constantly challenged to deliver competitive prices without compromising quality. Technological optimisation to improve efficiency is therefore crucial. Read more.

Virgin Holidays

Virgin Holidays needed to ensure that customer address details are accurate at the point of entry - expediting the booking process as well as capturing clean data for further proactive marketing activity. Read more.

Cox Web Design

PCA Predict's address validation service improves the customer experience on our clients' websites. Cox Web Design recommend their clients include PCA Predict address validation in their eCommerce plans. Read more.