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Using the geocoding API

The geocoding API can return geographic coordinate information (latitude & longitude) based on a postal code or place name. In addition, the UK specific service can provide Ordnance Survey easting and northing data and OS grid values if required.

Most Commonly Used Web Services

Web Service Description
Geocoding International Geocode
Returns the WGS84 latitude and longitude for the given location. Supports most international locations.
Geocoding International PositionToCountry
Returns the country based on the WGS84 latitude and longitude supplied. No result is returned if the coordinates are in international waters.
Geocoding UK Geocode
Returns the OS easting + northing along with WGS84 latitude and longitude for the given postcode. Supports UK only.
Now supports property level geocoding in urban areas. Please supply a full address for this
Geocoding UK RetrieveNearestPlaces
Calculates the nearest places of interest of a given category to a given location.
GovernmentData ElectoralRegions RetrieveByPostcode
Returns the electoral regions record for the given postcode. These include local authorities, Westminster, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and European areas.
GovernmentData Postzon RetrieveByCoordinates
Returns the Postzon record nearest to the given coordinates.
Includes postcode
GovernmentData Postzon RetrieveByPostcode
Returns the Postzon record for the given postcode.
Includes Clinical Commissioning Groups
GovernmentData Postzon RetrieveByPostcodeOrPlace
Returns the Postzon record for the given postcode.
Includes 2010 parliamentary constituencies

See the full list of geocoding services available

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