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Global address validation for Salesforce

Save your business time and money by ensuring address data is accurate at point of entry. Start typing part of a UK or international address and see Capture+ working as you type. Includes bank account and email validation.

What can I do with Capture+ for Salesforce?

By enabling you to speedily and accurately capture contact details and payment details, Capture+ for Salesforce delivers:

  • Enhanced data quality
    Poor address data quality, problem payments and incomplete contact records are seen as a fact of life - but the cost of incorrect data is larger than you think. With Postcode Anywhere, there are no more slipped fingers, typos or misheard details going into your database. Capture+ incorporates a wide range of global data sources to ensure that when you enter payment and address details from the UK, US or internationally, they’re right first time.
  • Improved business efficiency
    Capture+ for Salesforce considerably reduces the time it takes to enter customer contact details. Address auto-completion from a business name, address, postcode or ZIP Code cuts keystrokes up to 80%. Not only does this make completing fields in Salesforce much faster, it frees up time for your team. And by checking bank details before they’re processed, you’ll even eliminate the need to chase up problem payments.
  • Customisable
    The Capture+ app will work on all the standard objects within Salesforce. However, it can also be easily added to any custom objects you have within the Postcode Anywhere Management tab.
  • Works across the world
    Capture+ for Salesforce automatically detects users from over 240 countries and formats the address accordingly.

QuoteWe looked at a range of competitor products, but felt that Postcode Anywhere was the best product in terms of the ease of its technical integration, compatibility with and its pay-as-you-go pricing model.

As the provider of an essential call centre tool, Postcode Anywhere is in a league of its own.

What our customers say...


We needed to capture accurate address data for [our CRM system]...Postcode Anywhere are great... we’ve never looked back.

Dow Jones

Postcode Anywhere’s plug-in solution took minutes to deploy through the platform and integrated easily with the client’s legacy system.

Clark & Taylor

Postcode Anywhere's international addressing for Salesforce is unbelievable...Over and beyond all expectations...I rave about it all the time.


What can I do with Capture+ for Salesforce?

  • Cut the time, cost and hassle of manual data entry by simply entering the start of a business name, address, ZIP Code or postcode. Capture+ will search and make suggestions as you type.
  • Auto-format and standardise international addresses using local language and scripts, and select street locations after typing only the first few letters
  • Verify UK-based bank accounts and sort code details at point of sale – so you don’t have to go back and chase up problem payments, resulting in wasted time and missed sales

Salesforce integration pricing

Our Salesforce pricing comprises an annual per-user Salesforce app licence, plus credit plan. Annual data licences are available as an alternative to credit plans for UK address validation. Call us for more information.

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