North American Survey 2012
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The top 3 reasons for cart abandonment

Identifying reasons for cart abandonment and providing solutions can increase conversion rates on your ecommerce website. North American consumers told us their top reasons for abandoning online purchases.

mcommerce purchasing difficulties

The growth of mcommerce has been significant and this requires a lot of investment in swipe technology and geolocation, it’s not just about replicating a desktop site. With many websites moving into this market prematurely, a substantial amount of customers are having difficulties using the mobile device to make a purchase.

The importance of delivery

Discover the importance of a timely delivery service and the severe consequences of just one late delivery.

North American consumers rate online shopping

Postcode Anywhere’s North American Survey 2012 asked 2,000 consumers across America and Canada for their opinions about online shopping. Take a look at the results to see what they told us.