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Introducing the Postcode Anywhere Reseller Programme

With more than 350 resellers and ten years’ experience supplying all kinds of web designers, software applications developers and IT service companies, Postcode Anywhere has many well established reseller relationships.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received in recent years, all on behalf of organisations we continue to work with.

If you'd like to join the growing number of Postcode Anywhere resellers, why not apply to become a reseller of Postcode Anywhere's suite of products?

Case Study

Ten out of ten. Professional and approachable with exceptional systems, website and admin processes.

Read the Apache Solutions Limited case study
Apache Solutions Limited logo/

Apache Solutions Limited

“Apache Solutions have been partnered with Postcode Anywhere for over six years.

“Postcode Anywhere’s address lookup and store locator services have proved to be valuable additions to our clients’ websites, especially for e-commerce sites, where being able to get the relevant information on screen quickly can mean the difference between a sale and a customer going elsewhere.

“The beauty of the system is that it is incredibly versatile, with a simple integration being possible with just one or two lines of code. For more complex integrations the relevant API’s can be used, which open up a whole world of possibilities.

“We are very happy to be able to provide these features to our clients, and we would certainly recommend the services that PostcodeAnywhere have to offer.”

Adam Vahed
Apache Solutions Limited

Reapit Ltd logo/

Reapit Ltd

“We integrated our Estate Agency software with a number of providers but without doubt the ease of Postcode Anywhere places it at a clear advantage to more traditional suppliers – no need for disks and updating each PC, because it’s all handled for you automatically online.

“Our clients have found that by using Postcode Anywhere they cut down dramatically the number of poor quality addresses cluttering the database, which results on wastage on mail shots. Without the data being correct it doesn’t matter what our clients do as their message can’t be communicated effectively.

“With competitive pricing to backup the technical side of things Postcode Anywhere is clearly one of our preferred suppliers.”

Simon Whale, Director
Reapit Ltd.

Paraspar Limited logo/

Paraspar Limited

“Postcode Anywhere makes rapid addressing and verification seamless, accurate and maintenance free. Thousands of queries per day and never a problem.”

Kumar Mehta, Managing Director
Paraspar Limited

SDA Solutions logo/

SDA Solutions

“As a leading provider of web-based leisure management software, we were looking for a partner with similar technical capability, commitment to service and sensible pricing – I’m pleased to say we found all these things with Postcode Anywhere.”

Stuart Dyson, Managing Director
SDA Solutions

Discover IT (UK) Limited logo/

Discover IT (UK) Limited

“Postcode Anywhere services are very easy to install and competitively priced. And, in our experience, have delivered 100% reliability.

“So far, we have used it for address lookup and locator assistance. We are looking to extend usage into other applications served by the Postcode Anywhere.”

Paul Bailey, Managing Director
Discover IT (UK) Limited

Mole End Software logo

Mole End Software

“Increase data quality and customer confidence by adding Postcode Anywhere to your Actinic site, this cost effective and easy to use plug-in is a must have addition.


Jan Strassen
Mole End Software

Actinic Software Limited logo/

Actinic Software Limited

“Postcode Anywhere have not only been pleasant people to deal with, the service has never had any down time to my knowledge.

“We have hundreds of our customers using Postcode Anywhere services and as far as I’m aware this has been of positive benefit for all of them.”

Chris Barling, CEO
Actinic Software Limited

SPA Microsystems Limited logo/

SPA Microsystems Limited

"We have worked with Postcode Anywhere for many years and find their straightforward approach and ability to adapt their model to suit our needs in a constantly changing market to be second to none in terms of our previous experiences with their competitors."

Trevor Youens, Managing Director
SPA Microsystems Limited

MCS Global Limited logo/

MCS Global Limited

“MCS are always looking for novel ways to provide value-added services to our customers. The seamless integration of the Postcode Anywhere technology with our rental management software, MCS-rm, has been a big hit for a large segment of our customer base.

“The Postcode Anywhere data ensures that all rental contracts and customer records are addressed accurately. As a result, the entire rental process has been streamlined; new contacts to be entered more quickly and deliveries and collections are more reliable, because the system now holds the latest address data.”

Eleanor Bateman, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator
MCS Global Limited