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Optimise routes for multiple vehicles and drop-off points

As a business that is making lots of deliveries or visiting multiple locations on a regular basis, you’ve probably struggled with the challenge of deciding which driver does which deliveries and in what order.

We are withdrawing our route optimisation services

After much consideration, we have decided to withdraw the route optimisation service offered through our APIs via and our website. Read about our decision here.

  • Saves time
    Reduces the time spent planning routes and on the road, freeing your team for other jobs
  • Saves money
    Cuts journey distances and associated fuel costs by over 20%
  • Better customer service
    Let customers know what time their goods will arrive and keep them informed of any holdups on the day
  • Faster turnaround
    Knowing the order of deliveries allows you to pack more efficiently - so you won't have to empty all your cargo to reach that box at the back
  • Reduce carbon emissions
    Keep ahead of government legislation and operate sustainably by reducing carbon emissions by over 20%

Works with...

Web service APIs
Fully-hosted platform

QuoteSince using Route Optimiser to plan deliveries, we’ve seen a 20% increase in efficiency, by reducing man hours, completing deliveries faster, and using less fuel.

The usual journey

If you’re doing this manually, you probably know that you can spend hours trying to plan the best routes between lots of different locations. Even then you probably won’t get it right. Not only that, the problem gets more difficult to solve the more destinations and drivers that you have to consider.

A better route

Using our service couldn't be simpler, you simply specify the start and end points for your vehicles and upload the addresses of the destinations that you need to visit. You can also include a range of other features to help plan your deliveries. Using sophisticated route optimisation algorithms that we’ve developed ourselves, we provide you with a list of the vehicles/drivers and the order and timings of their drops. If required, we also provide turn-by-turn directions.

20 to 40% savings on time and distance

So, rather than waste precious time trying to work out the best route for each driver, why not let our optimisation service do it for you? You’ll free up more of your time to get on with better things, whilst also freeing up your drivers time by sending them on shorter routes. You become more productive, your customers get a better service and your business benefits as a result.

Take the no-obligation free trial today

You don’t have to take our word for it; you can figure out how much we can save you in time and distance for yourself by registering for our free, no obligation trial.

An industry-leading API

By delivering a comprehensive selection of web services, you are free to pick and choose the components that fit with your existing business model - eliminating the need to change the way you operate. The API is comprehensively documented, and our technical support team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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