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Using our Distances and Directions API

This service gives turn-by-turn directions, with many real-life applications. A typical expense claims process, for instance, usually involves the sales person recording a meeting in their diary and then, at the end of the month, validating the journey by going to a suitable website and retyping the address details from their diary to confirm their mileage claim for the accounts department.

Most Commonly Used Web Services

Web Service Description
DistancesAndDirections Interactive Directions
Returns the directions between two or more points.
Version 2.00 includes support for Speed Profiles data, for more accurate timings based on start time and historic traffic speed data.
DistancesAndDirections Interactive Distance
Returns the distance between two or more points.
Geocoding International Geocode
Returns the WGS84 latitude and longitude for the given location. Supports most international locations.
Geocoding UK Geocode
Returns the OS easting + northing along with WGS84 latitude and longitude for the given postcode. Supports UK only.
Now supports property level geocoding in urban areas. Please supply a full address for this
Geocoding UK RetrieveNearestPlaces
Calculates the nearest places of interest of a given category to a given location.

See the documentation for the full list of services available

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