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Frequently Asked Questions

A good place to start if you’re uncertain about something or need to ask a question. Browse or search the questions that we get asked most often.



If you’ve got an idea of what you want and want to see a walk-through of how to do it, this is the page for you!



Here you can see a list of all the ready-made integrations available for Postcode Anywhere services. Having a quick look at this could save you some valuable development time.



Our webcasts tackle topical issues and problems within the data market. They usually include a product demo and are therefore a great way to learn how our services work.


Web services listings

This page is a comprehensive list documenting all of the web services available from Postcode Anywhere.

sample code

Sample code

If you want to build a custom solution, you don’t have to start from scratch. This page has sample code across a range of coding languages and should kick-start your project well.

Developers and partners

If you plan to sell your software or are a web developer, it may be worth joining our reseller scheme. With this scheme, you can earn commission of up to 30% on sales to your customers. For more information, check out the partners information pages.