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Capture+ quick setup guide

This guide will take you through adding Capture+ to a web page to add address look-ups to your forms.

Implementing our services using .NET in Visual Studio

With .NET and Visual Studio, web service calls don’t have to be the coding equivalent of war and peace, and in this guide we're going to give a quick overview to using Service References to improve and hasten the implementation of our services.

How to implement a store locator

Our JavaScript Web Client is the quickest and most convenient way to setup the store locator service on your website.

Postcode Anywhere for Salesforce CRM

Our App is quick and easy to download and install. The following guide will take you step by step through the installation and configuration process.

How to set up an international store locator

Our store locator service is not just limited to locations within the UK. However, setting up our international store locator involves a slightly different process to our UK solution. In light of this we have put together the following tutorial to guide you through the process.

Using a categorised Store Locator

Often a store locator is needed that can be narrowed down by categories. For example, you might have several items that your stores stock, let’s say hammers and nails. You want your customers to be able to enter their postcode and then select either stores that stock hammers, or stores that stock nails.

Postcode Anywhere Capture+ for Drupal

Few things are as important in ecommerce as a smooth and simple checkout process. Long, clunky forms increase cart abandonments and mistyped addresses caused missed deliveries. Address look-ups from Postcode Anywhere help to improve your customer's experience.

Postcode Anywhere for Dynamics CRM

The integration adds address auto-fill to all of the standard entities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can be easily customised to work with your own custom entities. The app is provided as a fully-bundled Dynamics solution which can be enabled as described below.

Postcode Anywhere for Magento

Our module for Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition brings both UK and International address auto-fill to the platform. The following guide shows you the process of fully enabling the functionality within your Magento store using our Capture+ control.

Postcode Anywhere for OS Commerce

Our latest module for osCommerce 3.0 brings UK and international address auto-fill to the platform. This guide will take you through the process of fully enabling address auto-completion functionality in your osCommerce store.

Postcode Anywhere for PrestaShop

Our module for Prestashop 1.4 brings both UK and international address auto-fill to the platform. This guide takes you through the process of enabling address finder functionality within your Prestashop store.

Postcode Anywhere for Sage CRM

We've created a new address validation plugin for Sage CRM that's simple to install and use. The plugin now not only features UK address validation but also International address validation, returning data from across the globe. Just download the plugin and follow the instructions below to get started with address validation in Sage CRM.

Postcode Anywhere for SAP

Business ByDesign is the latest fully integrated, on demand business management tool from SAP. The following tutorial shows how to create a mashup using the Postcode Anywhere address lookup API within the platform.

Postcode Anywhere for SellerDeck

Our App is quick and easy to get up and running. The following guide will take you step by step through the installation and configuration process.

Postcode Anywhere for Netsuite

All of our services are packaged into a single app, so getting all our services up and running couldn't be simpler. Follow the following steps to be up and running in minutes.