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We've collected a range of sample code which you can use in your own applications and web sites

The code samples are grouped by the language / platform they're written for. If you have implemented Postcode Anywhere address lookups, bank validation checks, geodemographic lifestyle profiling, or any of our other services, and have sample code that might be helpful to other developers, let us know and we'll post it here.

.NET Examples

Remember that Postcode Anywhere is actually written and operated in .NET so it offers the highest level of support possible. If you're developing in VS.NET, it's just a case of making a web reference to the relevant service and consuming the service. (Tip: if you're not using VS.NET you may find it easier to use our dataset service rather than the SOAP service.)

We have even built some .NET controls which you're welcome to hack apart and integrate into your software. These deal with all the UI plumbing and mean you can be up and running in seconds! Well, almost!

C# Examples

ASP Examples

VB6 Examples

MS Access Examples

JavaScript Examples

MS CRM 3.0 Examples

PHP Examples

Coldfusion Examples

Perl Examples

Filemaker Examples

Flex Examples

YUI Examples