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You can use this page to download useful addons and components for using Postcode Anywhere. If you're just after some ideas, check out the code samples page instead.

Postcode Anywhere components

The standard Postcode Anywhere Desktop download contains all the standard controls as part of the MSI. As an alternative to the combined download, you can download the individual components below. Please note that all components require MSXML 3.0 SP 2 (see below).

pca.dll (version 2.7)
The main Postcode Anywhere library that deals with all the configuration and communication systems used by desktop applications.

pcaui.dll (version 2.7)
This library contains the primary UI primitives used by the desktop client. The component requires pca.dll and pcactrl.ocx are already present and registered.

pcactrl.ocx (version 2.7)
Contains the listbox style controls for US and UK addresses. Requires pca.dll to be registered.

pcatray.exe (version 2.7)
The Postcode Anywhere desktop client. This requires pca.dll, pcaui.dll and pcactrl.ocx to be present and registered. Ideally all the components should be in the same folder.

Barcode Font
When used at 16pt, this TrueType correctly formats the consumer barcode data into a printable barcode for addressing.

Classic Client
This is the original Postcode Anywhere Desktop Client. It precedes the latest version, which is available here.

OS utilities

These downloads are useful for fixing common problems and also contain commonly used components.

This command line utility should be used on IIS servers that cannot connect to the Postcode Anywhere web services. It copies proxy server settings from the current Windows® user for use in IIS. Remember to restart the IIS Admin service after you've run it!

Version 3 of the MS XML parser is included in the standard Postcode Anywhere Desktop download but this can be a useful addition if it's not present on your PC or server. There are newer versions available from MS but this version works with Windows 95 and above.

Windows Client user guides

Setting up the client software is designed to be as straightforward as possible - but just in case you need a bit of extra help, we've written these helpful user guides for you to dip into.

Windows Client user guide
The client user guide is a quick-start guide which covers the basics of setting up the software. It includes information about how to install and use it so you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Advanced Windows Client user guide
The advanced guide covers the various aspects of setting up and using the software in more depth. It includes information about setting up recogniser rules, deployment and managing users.