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These are the most common and most useful web services we offer. They are organised by our product families so it should be easy to find the relevant service. If you can't find the service you're looking for then please contact us and we'll point you in the right direction, or build a new service for you!

Addressing & Validation
How to look-up postcodes and addresses

UK Address Auto-Fill & Validation

Fill out UK addresses in web and office applications quickly and accurately

How to validate payment details

Payment Validation

Validation payment (card and bank account details) quickly and accurately.

How to validate email addresses

Capture+ International addresses

Interactive international address look-ups using the Capture+ API

How to validate email addresses

Email Validation

Validate email addresses at the point of capture

How to cleanse addresses


Fast, effective UK address cleansing with a high performance batch API.

Geographic & Spatial
Distances and directions API

Distances and Directions

Fast and accurate distances and directions for the UK and Europe. Great for validating mileage claims.

Government data API

Government Data

Simple access to UK government data: constituencies, NHS regions, counties and more.

How to geocode locations


Get coordinates from a location for most places around the world.

How to build a store finder

Store Finder

Want to create a store finder? Look no further then here for the definitive API.

How to geocode locations

Ordnance Survey

Geo-based web services for Ordnance Survey data.

OS PSMA data

Public Sector Mapping Agreement

Ordnance Survey data for the Public Sector Mapping Agreement.

Useful Extras


Control your account like never before - full access and reporting through the API.

GRC Tools

International address standardisation, burst and formatting from GRC.


Handy web services for any developer - most of these are free!

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